Human-wolf relationship guidelines

Published on 24 May 2023 • Agricoltura , Ambiente , Comune , Cultura

Traces have been found in the municipalities surrounding San Marzano Oliveto suggesting the possible presence or, at least, passage of wolves.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that some wolves may be sighted in our territory as well.

Because of this, the following are some "good rules of behavior" in case of a wolf sighting.


  • Do not leave food sources available near your home, especially in rural settings and near forested areas.
  • If one or more wolves are encountered maintain a calm demeanor that is not directly focused on the animals and move away without having your back to them. If the animals show interest speak loudly, move your arms conspicuously and clap your hands.
  • If one comes across a specimen that is feeding move away without paying direct attention to the animal.
  • If you come across a litter move away without paying direct attention to the animals
  • Always keep your dog on a leash.
  • In the (rare) event that the wolf should show interest in the dog and approach it you can speak loudly, move your arms conspicuously and clap your hands.
  • During hikes keep children in close proximity and avoid letting children wander alone away from their homes in rural areas.
  • Avoid night walks in the woods.
  • Prefer hikes of two or more people.
  • Farmers are advised to equip themselves with protective measures, especially properly arranged nets, so as to create an interdiction zone between the wolf and the animals. It is recommended to equip themselves with a herding dog.


To report an imminently dangerous situation:

  • Single emergency number: 112 To report a sighting of one or more wolves:
    Province of Asti: 0141433365 and
  • For info on government grants for herd safety: Piedmont Region: 011 4324332 and
  • For info on compensation on damages suffered by wolves: Piedmont Region: 011 4324332 and

It is pointed out that the wolf is not dangerous to humans and that being endowed with highly developed senses, it notices the approach of humans well in advance and spontaneously moves away.

Finally, it is reminded that the wolf is protected by Italian and European law and cannot be shot unless specific exemptions are granted.

Ho visto un lupo. Norme di comportamento

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