Castle of Asinari di San Marzano

Address: Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, 4, 14050 San Marzano Oliveto AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 856121
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Castle of medieval origin, was transformed into a stately residence from the counts Asinari in the 17th century.

Cited by the Alfieri as “San Marzano di Acquosana”, the first documents regarding the castle date back to the birth of the Contado di Acquosana (the ancient territory of Acqui Terme).

The castle, perhaps of Roman origin, by the Asinari assumed the characteristics of a real defensive bulwark, building on its four sides square angular towers, one of which is still equipped with machicolations.

After the occupation of the Spaniards in 1655, the Asinari regained possession of it and transformed the fortress into a country residence.

Impressive and impressive, it is now privately owned and used to host events and weddings.

Its ancient cellars with arches and vaults recall the interior of a Gothic cathedral and from its splendid terrace - garden one can admire one of the most beautiful views of the area. The parish church, dedicated to S. Marziano, stands on the Piazza del Castello; it has a classic Renaissance style, with a nave, with a neoclassical presbytery and choir.

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