Rational and proper use of drinking water

ATO5, the governing body of Ambit No. 5 "Astigiano Monferrato," reports that the period of prolonged lack of rainfall is also putting the aqueduct system in crisis.

It is therefore necessary to use water for human purposes only.

Therefore, the whole community is urged not to waste water, especially in this period.

In particular, to absolutely refrain from drawing drinking water for non-domestic uses and especially for:

  • The washing of courtyard areas and yards;
  • The domestic washing of motor vehicles;
  • The irrigation and watering of gardens and lawns;
  • The filling of garden tubs and/or swimming pools;
  • The watering of allotments, gardens, fields, etc;
  • and any other use other than domestic food and personal hygiene.
Avviso alla popolazione di usare lacqua con parsimonia in estate 2022
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